2017 Chime Donation Program

Each year, Back Bay Ringers (BBR), Boston’s community handbell ensemble, donates a two-octave set of Malmark Choirchimes to a Boston-area school at the Boston Handbell Festival. The next donation will occur at the 11th annual Boston Handbell Festival, May 16, 2017.

What is the Goal of the Donation?

A core part of the BBR mission is to introduce handbells and handchimes to the widest possible audience. It is well known that music education benefits children in countless ways. BBR wants our community’s children to experience firsthand the joy of music through playing and hearing handchimes. We hope a donation of a set of handchimes will provide a valuable resource for a of our local schools.

Who Will Receive the Donation?

Any music educator who teaches in a Boston-area school is eligible to apply for the donation. BBR will select the winning schools from the completed applications received by the April 3, 2017 deadline.

What Will My School Receive?

BBR will present a two-octave set of Malmark Choirchimes to the selected recipients at the 11th annual Boston Handbell Festival on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. In addition, BBR will provide a support package to help introduce the use of handchimes in the recipients’ schools. BBR artistic director Griff Gall, who has initiated a successful handchime program in his own elementary school classroom, will also provide a consultation session.

What are Handchimes?

Handchimes are lightweight aluminum tubes which operate on the principal of a tuning fork but use a clapper/striking mechanism similar to handbells to create a gentle, lulling sound. Handchimes offer several advantages over handbells for use in a school setting. Handchimes are lightweight, durable, easy to grasp, and easy to damp. Chimes that are sharps and flats are black as on a keyboard for easy recognition, and all chimes have a note and pitch designation that is prominent and easy to read. Sets are compact and easy to transport. Within minutes, a group can successfully play melodies and experience the joys of making real music regardless of their musical training.

Where Can I Get More Information?

If you have questions about this handchime donation program, contact Executive Director Donna Matson at (914) 844-3580 or dmatson@backbayringers.org.